Are Meggings Really the New Fashion Trend for Men?

About a year ago, there were entrepreneurs who were convinced that “meggings” a term for men’s leggings were on the verge of a worldwide breakthrough. And surprisingly, it turned out correct. Last year, more entrepreneurs have ventured in selling leggings and meggings tailored specifically for males. According to most entrepreneurs, meggings is currently a worldwide trend and they are currently receiving lots of orders around the globe.

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Given all the ridicule and derision, men wearing meggings are still questioned in recent years and this fashion statement is even underestimated since most people say that this trend will never last. However, most fashion experts say that it will. According to a fashion entrepreneur, this might be the right time for the meggings to be popular since more men are getting too comfortable with wearing outfits like this. He added that this fashion trend is not something that will come and go within a year.

Most online businesses have ventured to this fashion trend when businessmen started noticing that more men are wearing meggings. While other entrepreneurs hesitated to sell these items at first since certain body parts are showed off too much, a lot have still tried and later on found out that their sales are constantly going up.

Most designers of meggings spend months in incorporating colorful and lively designs to leggings. Most meggings are made from spandex-polyester blend and can also include metallic fabrics. According to online entrepreneurs, the most in demand designs today are nebula, camouflage and galaxy. Meggings are manufactured with an extra fabric panel added to the area of the hips in order to make it roomier for the typically larger upper legs of men. It also has a wider waist band compared to women’s leggings and a kind of faux zipper fly, which gives it a jeans appearance.

The only drawback men consider when deciding to buy meggings is that it does not have pockets. We all know how important pockets are to men since unlike women, they do not carry bags with them and most of their valuables like mobile phone and wallets are kept inside their pockets.

Things to Consider When Buying Meggings Online

Leggings have become a popular men’s fashion nowadays. More and more mean own a pair or meggings in their wardrobe. And according to studies, more than 75% of shoppers over age fifteen buy products online and most men consider buying meggings online due to the comfort and convenience of online shopping. We all know how impatient men are when it comes to shopping to actual stores that is why most of them use their laptops, phone, tablets or iPads when they want to shop for meggings. But before you buy one online, here are some things you should consider.

  1. Ask for a Sizing Chart

When you buy meggings, leggings or any other type of clothing online, you should always base your size on their sizing chart since sizing of apparels can usually vary from brand to brand. Typically, sellers offer charts of sizes to their customers, enabling them to check the charting against their personal measurements. In order to check the measurement, you should measure your waist hips using a tape measure.  If your measurement shows your size is between two sizes when it’s compared to the seller’s sizing chart, then you should always try to buy the larger size instead of the smaller size.

  1. Consider Length When Buying

Ankle Length 

Leggings or meggings that are ankle length can cover your entire legs and usually reach all the way down to your ankles. This leggings’ length is the most popular to men and women and can be comfortably worn out by men for workout apparel, as a fashion statement, or as a substitute for pants. On the other hand, women can use leggings for under skirts, dresses, as well as other kinds of clothing.


Capri leggings often reach to the mid-calf. Capri leggings are less formal compared to full ankle length leggings; however, they still function in the same way. These leggings are ideally worn at the gym or for sports related activities. These can be work underneath apparel, or can be paired perfectly with long shirts. Capri leggings are mostly used by women as men prefer to use knee length or full length leggings when doing some outdoor exercises.

Knee Length

This type of leggings usually falls below the knee. Knee length leggings are ideal for both men and women for different forms of exercise including yoga, gymnastics, dance, hiking, biking, running or walking.




Benefits of Having a Pair of Leggings in Your Wardrobe

Even though a lot of fashion trends usually come and go, leggings are definitely there to stay and never go out of style. You can actually mix and match them with different fashion trends regardless of the event, season or even just for a daily trip – they always seem to remain in style. Leggings are not only limited for women’s use as more men nowadays like to wear them as well. No matter what your gender, age, tradition, or culture is, leggings are definitely a must have in your closet. In this article, we have gathered some reasons why leggings are important and what benefits you can be able to get from them.


  1. If you like to wear short shorts or short skirts, but you do not like your legs to show off too much, then leggings are perfect for you. They can cover up your skin, yet still give you the chance of wearing all the clothes you love.
  2. Leggings are quite versatile since you can pair them with almost all clothes you have in your wardrobe. They can perfectly match with short or long skirts. You can comfortable wear them with almost any pants or shorts you have. They can be perfectly used for a dance outfit or underneath a dress. Whether you simply want to achieve the comfort that you always wanted or you’re trying to make a unique fashion statement, then you should never let your closet ran out of fashionable leggings.
  3. Tights can keep your legs warm during the cold winter season. This is the reason why you can see most people wear black leggings when heavy snow falls and they usually match it with almost any coat. If you have leggings in your closet, you can wear them not only during winter but almost any season in a year. With a pair of leggings, you can never go out of style that is why you should make sure you have this fashion necessity in your wardrobe.
  4. Leggings can also come in a wide variety of lengths and styles. If most of your clothes are fairly neutral, they you can spice it up with a lively splash of color. Some leggings retailers nowadays offer colorful and lively varieties so you have a lot of options to choose from. On the other hand, if your outfits are mostly pretty colorful, then a pair of fairly neutral leggings to complement your colorful clothes is all that you need. Usually depending on the style you’re going for and your legs’ length, leggings that fall just below your knee are a perfect match to almost any outfits you have. They’re also nice for small girl who love to dress up, yet are not quite sure on how to keep their clothes down yet – ahhh kids!
  5. Perhaps, the most significant advantage that leggings can give to us is the fact they are very easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Their waists that are mostly elastic make them simple and easy to just pull up especially if you’re in a hurry. There are not buttons, zippers, or clasps, allowing you to move fast when you are getting dressed. Throughout the day, you won’t also have to worry about the wads of fabric, which can often make you uncomfortable to sit down and you will not also get irritated by denim material rubbing and pressing against your legs. A lot of people are very comfortable and free in leggings that they do not feel like they are wearing anything at all.
  6. As you can see, it is really a big advantage if you have at least a pair of leggings in your wardrobe. It is especially a life saver if you have little kids who love to run around since they will be very comfortable in leggings. They are the perfect fashion option for your little girl since they are very easy to put on. Aside from that, leggings will also help your kid stay modest while she’s out on the playground.

Before buying leggings, you should also decide whether neutral or colorful ones are best suited for you as well as which ones can match your clothes better. Perhaps, you can also purchase both so you can be able to give your wardrobe some flexible options and so that you can wear something different once in a while. Now that you have learned the advantages of having at least a pair of leggings, check your wardrobe if you have one, if none, then it might be the perfect time to grab a pair.